Rab-Rab Talk # 6: Mabel Tapia on Southern Conceptualisms Network

Rab-Rab is pleased to announce the talk of Mabel Tapia in Helsinki. The talk is on Thursday the 9th of May at the Maa-tila project space of Art School Maa in Pääskylänrinne 10, Helsinki, starting at 18:00. The talk will be held in English.


In the evening organized by Rab-Rab Press, Mabel Tapia will be talking about Red Conceptualismos del Sur (RCSur)—Southern Conceptualisms Network and her work in it and other related activities.

Since its foundation in 2007, the Southern Conceptualisms Network has grown informally through the solidarities and mutual trust of its members. RCSur is a collective initiative bringing together a set of researchers and artists scattered around various parts of Latin America and Europe, and which proposes to establish itself as a platform for common thought and action dealing with contemporary relations between art and politics. It was founded by a group of researchers concerned about the need to intervene politically in the neutralization processes of the critical potential of a set of ‘conceptual practices’ that took place in Latin America since the early sixties.  

Mabel Tapia in her research focuses on artistic practices of the 21st century that are mainly characterized by the deactivation of the aesthetic function, articulating the use of archives, heuristic proposals and political practice. Mabel Tapia is a member of Red Conceptualismos del Sur and she was its coordinator for four years. She also takes part in the IDEA-Z [International Domestic Exhibition by affinity, Zelarrayan] platform. Currently, she is Project Manager of L’Internationale, a confederation of seven art institutions in Europe and she works at Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. She is also Co-director of the Post-graduated programme (DSRA) «Document & Contemporary Art», École Européenne Supérieure de l'image (EESI) and École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges (ENSA Bourges), since 2017.  For more information check: Rab-Rab Press is an independent platform for radical political commitment and experimental art inquiry based in Helsinki (