photo by Mikko Kuorinki, documentation of  Laura Cemin"L&I (Thought experiments)", 2020

Laura Cemin, L&I (Thought experiments), 2020

photo by Mikko Kuorinki

Artist in Residence
Summer 2021



Laura Cemin (*1992) is an Italian artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She holds an MFA from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (Sweden) and a degree in Ballet and contemporary dance. Although her work always originates from a performative action, it can appear in multiple media and forms, such as live performances, text, photographs, and installations with objects. Her practice focuses on understanding movement in relation to language, on searching the poetics in our everyday actions, on repetition, humour, and absurdity. She is fascinated by the overlaps between language and movement and by how verbal language, with its metaphors and rhetorics, shapes the way we move and physically interact.


During the residency in MAA-tila, she will continue to look at the motion of falling, grounding, and slipperiness as a quality, exploring these attributes bodily by positioning herself in relation to various grounds, and verbally by looking at loose associations and ambiguity in communication.

This exploration will be shared in the shape of an upcoming solo exhibition in Kosminen (Helsinki) in August 2022.


Warda Ahmed.  Portrait of a woman standing against a grey wall. She has a colorful blouse, head scarf, glasses and African shaped earrings
Emma Lilja. A picture of the head of a person wearing a hat and glasses. Behind the person there is a landscape with rocks and vegetation.
Shubhangi Singh. Portrait of a woman standing in a white room with large windows on the right. She is wearing a black shirt and is looking towards the camera. Photo credit: C. Lee


top: Warda Ahmed.

middle: Emma Lilja.

bottom: Shubhangi Singh. Photo credit: C. Lee

MAA-tila welcomes new Steering Group


We are happy to announce the new Steering Group members who, together with Jessie Bullivant, will be responsible for programming MAA-tila: Warda Ahmed, Emma Lilja & Shubhangi Singh.


The members will participate in the steering group on a voluntary basis for a maximum of two years and also contribute to the broader direction of MAA-tila. 


The Steering Group members were nominated by current members (Yvonne Billimore, Jessie Bullivant, Johanna Fredriksson & Minna Henriksson) based on the following criteria:

  • connection to Art School MAA or MAA-tila project space

  • experience, skills and knowledge of the arts

  • different perspectives and communities to the existing members

  • don’t already occupy large decision-making role/s in a Finnish institution



About the new members:

Visual artist, teacher and illustrator Warda Ahmed is an artist that lives and works in the Helsinki metropolitan area. As an anti-racist feminist, Ahmed participates actively in the public debate about the unequal structures of society. Ahmed is currently working with the project Comics and Migration funded by the Kone Foundation. Ahmed makes comics about her family’s migration stories.In 2019, the comic anthology Sisaret1918, to which Ahmed also contributed, won the Comic Finlandia award. (Warda teaches at Taidekoulu MAA)


Emma Lilja is a Helsinki-based art historian who is interested in everything that moves, dances, grows and transforms. As a writer and researcher she is inspired by the interdisciplinarity of the arts, humanities and sciences. She has worked in the fields of contemporary art in various positions and participated in the editing of publications. (Emma undertook an internship at MAA-tila in 2020-21)


Shubhangi Singh is a visual artist and a filmmaker whose practice responds to contemporary politics and the interconnectedness of production and reproduction of popular everyday material. She works across the media, ranging from text to moving image and site-specific installations. Singh holds a Master’s degree in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art from Aalto University and is the co-founder of New City Limits, an initiative to facilitate creative viewing and practice in Navi Mumbai, India. Singh currently lives and works in Helsinki. (Shubhangi exhibited at MAA-tila in February 2021)