Anni Laakso & Martta Tuomaala 

21.10 — 08.11.2020

MAA-tila, Pääskylänrinne 10, 00500 HelsinkiOpening hours: Wed–Fri 2–6pm, Sat–Sun 1–5pm


In their exhibition, Martta Tuomaala and Anni Laakso present two separate artworks, D and Under Pressure, which bring forth the mechanisms and impacts of gendered use of power.

Please note, rather than an opening event this exhibition is celebrated with a closing day on Sunday 8th November. The artists Anni Laakso & Martta Tuomaala will be present from 2 pm to 6 pm!

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Pääskylänrinne 10, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

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